Neutrogena Wave….

January 15, 2010 6 comments

[Note: This review is completely unsolicited. I have not been asked to review this product, nor am I receiving any compensation for doing so.]  All that being said, carry on to read up on Neutrogena Wave…

Okay, so i’m a little bit of a sucker for all things gizmo like.  So, really, it’s kinda surprising that i waited this long to try out the Neutrogena Wave.  I remember seeing ads for it a million years ago featuring that adorable little girl who likes to show her goodies in adult magazines while at the same time also working for Disney.  Most of those teeny bopper facial products annoy me, even more so – their advertisements… like the ad for Clean and Clear Morning Burst where the roommate is all like; “Whoah, you look like shit.  You should wash your face” and so our heroine spashes herself in the face with some orangy smelling soap and suddenly she’s “Waking up to love” and dancing around her living room in her jammies playfully wrestling, which turns into a tickle fight, which turns into them smelling each others hair, and leaning in as the tension mounts and…wait, i think that version only exists in my head.  sorry.  got off track there.


a deep clean...

bubble gum pink!

I bought the N.Wave and brought it home, remarking that it’s bubble gum pink colour just about makes me barf with it’s girliness.  But lately i have been annoyed by these teeny tiny little zits splattered all across my forehead, and i thought maybe some deep cleaning action would help me.

On my first use, i was skeptical – it didn’t lather up the way the promo clearly says it does… i don’t know why i was surprised, my cheeseburgers from Burger King don’t look the same when i get them from the restaurant either.  Moving on.

I thought that maybe i just didn’t keep it under water long enough or give it a chance to lather up before i used it, but upon further inspection of the Neutrogena cleaning pad, there is a tiny little dollop of cleanser on the pad, so i used my finger to rub it around under the stream before trying again. much better.

The initial feeling of the cleaner had a familiar buzzy feeling to it…. waaaaaaitasecond….. coupled with the ‘ergonomic’ shape of the device…..fuuuuuck….this is totally a vibrator!  i did a quick rub on the lady bits (over the jammies) yup, totally a vibrator!

I was torn between the ingenious marketing brilliance – finding a way to make masturbating okay for young girls… and also wondering “Who are they kidding? As if it’s not totally a vibrator!” – it’s like when you buy one of those pocket rockets that’s marketed as a “Massager” (i’m totally doing the finger quotations there, just imagine it…are you imagining it?)

Can you picture this?:

Sally: “Mom,…so, uhm, will you buy me this, uhm, exfoliating facial cleanser? i totally need to, like, exfoliate more, …….like, every day…. so, uhm, will you buy it for me?”

later that day

Henry: “Wow, Martha, Sally sure has been cleaning her face a lot these days…  Don’t get me wrong…, her skin looks fabulous, but i wonder about the time she’s been spending in the bathroom…”
and Martha says: “You wanna start something?  Start with Bobby’s gym socks, and the why we never have any hand lotion.  i’m just glad she moved on from the electronic toothbrush”  (<– i kid you not, when i was selling the sex toys i read an article from head office that said that these days the electronic toothbrush is often a young person’s first ‘vibrating’ experience….yeah…think about THAT!)

apparently, the kit i bought is the OLD one, there’s already a second generation Wave with TWO SPEEDS!! It also comes in green and teal and blue.  i wish i knew that before i got my girly pink one.  sigh.
anyway – my skin WAS noticeably softer after the first use, just as the box said it would… i was amazed.  Like, it really exfoliates, baby.
On the next use i spread the dollop of cleanser around on the pad under the running water to see if that made for more foam.  I continued cleaning face, wondered if i wasn’t cleaning face long enough because there was still lots of foam in the pad, not so much on my face.  B-rad checked to box… “Safe for use in the shower…” In the shower, where a person is nude, in the water… the hot…steamy water… this thing is TOTALLY a vibrator.

Being the completely professional product researcher that i am….i took it into the shower… TO TEST THE FACE CLEANING PROPERTIES!! GAWD!!  …and also, to see how this thing would hold up downtown… nice.   although, i am seeing the wisdom of having two speeds now. hm.


"Honey, are you in there?" "...Just a MINUTE!! Don't Come IN!!!"

But i digress:

Overall, this little machine does a pretty good job of cleaning my face.  My skin did look brighter, but i’m not sure if that’s from the exfoliating or just the ‘afterglow’ ifyouknowwhatimean…wink…

As far as price point goes, it’s really not that bad.  It’s fairly affordable, and the start up kit comes with the cleaner and a box of cleanser pads.  Now, that’s where they’ll get you – with the cleaning pads.  But there are a few options there, cuz i found them for you, cuz i love you.  The first option – on the Neutragena websites, you can download a coupon for $2.00 off the foaming cleanser pads.  Canadians Click Here… Americans Click Here (Americans can get a $3.00 off the startup kit coupon, lucky ducks).  So, that should help.  BUT, if you’re even MORE Cheap Frugal – you can try this option, which i tested for you, cuz i love you.

First, find some cotton pads for face cleaning, like these:

Face cleaning MACHINES

highly cost effective

They will stick pretty well to the velcro-like surface of the Wave.  You can cut them in half, or trim them, or whatever if you’re that motivated.

Next, add your favourite face cleaner, like this:

OMG - can you imagine if this actually existed?


Then run the whole thing under some water and away you go!  You get the same exfoliating results for just pennies.  EL CHEAPO!  No need to thank me.   But could you imagine if that face cleaner actually existed?? Bitchez?  yeeeahh.

Now, Neutragena does offer different types of foaming cleansing pads, for Shine-Free Blemish-Free, Deep Clean Foaming, or Gentle Exfoliating – but if you really don’t care, or want to fall into their PROPAGANDA (haha) the Do-It-Yourself way is way cheaper.  Plus, if you’re like me and you’ve already purchased some mid/high priced facial cleaner – and you want to MERGE those two worlds, you can.

So – time for my arbitrary rating system:

  • Colour – 2/5 (if i had known there were more colours when i bought the damn thing, it’d be higher, i’m not really into Barb!e pink.
  • Exfoliating – 4/5 (Yeah, my skin glows)
  • Cost – 3/5 (Fairly mid price point range, but the cleaning pads are costly, but you can totally find ways around that)
  • Rub a Dub 4/5 (Not bad for a beginner’s vibe.  Personally, i prefer the Rock Chick, but that’s just me.  Gotta start somewhere, i guess)
  • Disney Celebrities who pose Nude 1/1 (Top Marks!)
  • Disney Celebrities who make me jealous by sleeping with Zac Efron 1/1 (<–Bitchez!)


September 21, 2009 2 comments

This contest is now closed. Congrats to KathyB! Winner of the poster!

I am hosting an 18×24” Rolled Poster Print giveaway sponsored by You will love their photo-quality poster prints! Create your own photo enlargement or custom poster for free!!

For more information about’s poster printing – check this out

UPrinting has been specializing in online printing for over 25 years.
Their website is super easy to use and let you proof the file (for free!) before finalizing your order. UPrinting also offers Canvas Printing, Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures and more!

This contest is UNFORTUNATELY only open to US Residents… Sorry my fellow Canucks…

it’s absolutely free! Free Poster, Free UPS Ground Shipping (for you lucky US Residents)

I think i’m going to have this AMAZING SKATCH sunset made into a poster…

it’s beautiful, non?

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what YOU would do with your 18×24 poster!

Optional (for extra entries):

2. You can blog about this giveaway with a link back to this post, as well as to

3. If you are not already doing it, follow me on Twitter @iamthediva (don’t forget to leave me a comment letting me know!)

4. Tweet this giveaway @iamthediva with the trending topic #divagiveaway

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Intimate/Organics – Hydra Lube

September 21, 2009 5 comments

I have the absolute joy to be involved with and their Canadian sister site and to try out a few things here and there and then to tell you all about it, cuz i’m totally sweet like that.  w00t!

One such thing i was sent to try is Intimate/Organics – Hydra Glycerine-Free Water Based Lubricant. PinkCherryHydra

First, a few words about Intimate Organics:

Fairly new on the market, Intimate Organics started just last year!  Their mission is to provide safe and effective products in the most natural way!  All their products are Paraben and Glycerin free and contain no DEA, Menthol or Aluminum Sulphate.  They are 100% vegan and they NEVER test on animals!  To find out more about Paraben, Glycerin,  Diethanolamine (DEA), Menthol or Aluminum Sulphate – please visit their website for the scoop!

The quick version – drugs are bad, mkay?

OK, and now for the Lube!!

It’s great!

B-rad and i have had the occasion to test it out a few times since i got it from Pinkcherry, and it works just as a good lube should!  It’s non-sticky, and doesn’t Gunk Up.  It definately is not a silicone based lube, the kind that goes forever, but it does last pretty well.  But, that’s not to say that a little bit of *moisture* (in whichever form you desire to add it -wink-) doesn’t get thing moving again lickety-split *pun intended.

My general preference in intimacy products is for non-flavoured/non-scented.
To say that this product is “Unscented” is true – inasmuch as there have been no scents added to it.  But there is a ‘fresh’ scent which isn’t unpleasant, from the natural ingredients… like the Aloe.  And as far as the lickety goes, it does have a little bit of a tang taste, but again i think that’s from the Aloe and it’s not gross — but it wasn’t necessarily tasty either.  It’s a very natural taste.  Like if you were to take a bite out of your aloe plant.  Y’see where i’m going with this? yeah.

Because this product is ALL Natural, it does have a shelf life, but it’s still pretty great!  My bottle expires 11/2011! So, i mean, if i haven’t had enough lovin’ to use up this bottle in two years, then there are other issues to be addressed than the shelf life of my personal lubricant. 🙂

All in all here’s my rating – totally made up on the spot:

Lubing like a good lube should – 4/5
Not Sticky or Gooey – 4/5
Longevity – 3.5/5
All Natural Ingredients – 5/5
Vegan – 5/5
No Animal Testing – 5/5
Unscented – 4.5/5

Want some of your own?  Go here to check out, OR for my Canadian comrades is one of the only places in Canada to buy Intimate Organics outside of Ontario (naturally). So, Yay PinkCherry!

PinkCherry offers both discreet billing and shipping, and for us Canucks – no hold ups at the border, and all prices are in Canadian dollars! Yay! (at .ca, not .com)

Stay tuned for more reviews from

And the winner is….

September 6, 2009 1 comment

The winner of the Wrap Cap giveaway goes to Nan from Things I’ve Found in Pockets

She is the proud new owner of the Original Wrap Cap in Charcoal Grey! sweet!

Thanks to all those who entered, and to those who checked out Anni’s sites! If you still want to place an order with Anni, remember to mention my review to receive 25% off your purchases!

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Review: Conscious Alterations

August 30, 2009 7 comments

**This giveaway is now closed!**

The word ‘Conscious’ can be defined as

  1. Having an awareness of one’s environment and one’s own existence, sensations, and thoughts.
  2. Mentally perceptive or alert; awake (via

This can definately be said of Anni Kuhn, her designs, and gear found on her Etsy shop and at, home of the Original Wrap Cap.   From the website:

for more information on the Philosophy behind Conscious Alterations, please see their webpage here

I met Anni back when i lived in Calgary and developed an incredible girly crush on her designs.  Not only does she create these amazing hats, but she creates costumes and flags for dancing and amazing leg warmers and whatever else tickles her fancy.   i started my own personal collection small… starting with the Wrap Cap:

and over time i added a pair of orange flags to my collection – neon orange, black light sensitive… perfect for a mind altering dancing experience, and brown leg warmers… a MUST for anyone who lives in the Great White North… i’m not even kidding.  They keep my legs warm at the same time adding a distinct style to my day to day!

Anni sent me a Pocket Belt a few weeks ago to try out and review… i’ve worn it every day since it arrived in the mail.  Let me tell you how great it’s been to be wearing these pockets.  Now i have a place for things like my cell phone, my car keys, a pen, business cards, and i still have pockets for cash, my ID, the other day i walked around with a toy car in my pockets all day that i had forgotten about.

As a new mom, these pockets have been oh so handy.   This Pocket belt gives me the freedom to go PURSE FREE when i want to go for a walk, or head to the movies… no more putting my bag on the coke spilled floor.

That belt is made from sturdy stuff!  Outdoor grade nylon to withstand heavy wear and use, and with snaps so the pockets can be removed and the belt can be put through belt loops on your pants (Form + Function! Sweet!) – you can also opt to wear one of the two pockets at any given time, and sewn onto the belt is an extra loop for uses such as hanging your keys off, or a pen holder.

It’s off the beaten path of accessories.  It’s making a statement, consciously.  It’s accessing change!

And now the goods:

Anni is giving away to one lucky reader an Original Wrap Cap in Charcoal grey.  This CAN BE YOURS!!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit either Anni’s etsy shop or her website and leave a comment here letting me know what product you like the best.

for extra entries:

a. Visit my Home Blog and leave a comment that says: I’m Consciously Altered

b. Tweet about this on twitter with the hashtag #consciouslyaltered

c. Blog about this giveaway and leave me the URL
The giveaway will close Sunday September 6th at 6:00 pm Central Time
I will choose a winner randomly using

However, if you just don’t want to wait to find out if you won – mention this review when placing an order and receive 25% off! Sweet deal!!

Panty By Post – Review (in which i say panties… a lot)

August 18, 2009 23 comments

psst! have you heard about this site?

if you haven’t, then let me introduce you!  Panty by Post is this adorable little site which offers a perfect little treat for yourself, or someone you love!  What do they offer? Why, Panties!  And not just any panties; beautiful, sexy, booty shakin’ panties! This is a fantastic service wherein you decide your size, your style and a subscription for one, two, three, six, or twelve (!) months of surprise panties brought directly to your door!

What will the mail man think?

So Panty By Post so generously sent me a pair to check out, try on, and gush over – and gush i will because this pair… is a beaut!

The package arrived in my mailbox in an adorable little box, and wrapped in beautiful patterned/glittery tissue paper* was my set of black and champagne knickers.

*attention to detail is key! this made it such a joy to open!

notice the cute little pillbox envelope and the tissue paper!

notice the cute little pillbox envelope and the tissue paper!

Yes, boys and girls, they are as gorgeous as they look!

Sexy! Oh, and those are my chocolate egyptian cotton sheets! Radical!

Sexy! Oh, and those are my chocolate egyptian cotton sheets! Radical!

ooh, and remember when i was talking about attention to detail? These cute little bows add just the right amount of feminine flair! The see through lacy front is on the verge of freaky-naughty! Dare i say….hawt!?

adorable, non?

adorable, non?

But if the product isn’t enough to wet your whistle, and the prospect of getting something new and exciting to make your tingly bits tingle… you seriously need to go to the website and check out the two most adorable business partners of all time!  Lori and Natalie run PBP from Vancouver and they really just want women to be empowered and feel sexy and good about their selves!  From their website:

We believe that beauty radiates from within. Like the first sip of your favourite glass of red wine or a particular song that connects you to a feeling, what we wear underneath speaks words on the surface. Let our panties tell your stories.

and from their press release kit:

It’s our goal to help women rediscover their inner sexiness and confidence…As women, we often find ourselves doing so much for other people, it’s hard to find the time for us.  Even if no one ever sees the sexy little panty you have on underneath your polar fleece and yoga gear, you’ll know it’s there, and that sexy little secret might just turn a few heads.  It’s about attitude.

Yeah! I totally wore these to work under my jeans, and while i was answering phone calls and checking emails, i knew that under my pants was an inferno of teh awesome.   Oh, and Polar Fleece? yeah, these gals are definately from the Great White North. 😀

PBP is partnered with Montreal’s Blush Lingerie and the panties come in S, M, and L with plans for Plus sizes and a men’s line in the future!  Oh man, imagine the possibilities!

This is the perfect gift for a girlfriend, lover, spouse, partner or any of your gal pals – or better yet, treat yourself to a sexy secret!

The gorgeous bridal line would make an excellent gift for any bride-to-be… or shower gift!  Or birthday! Or Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, Festivus, Easter, Halloween,…. Thursday…any day gift!  And really, it’s the gift that keeps on giving in more ways that one.

As for me and my panties… i think i’m in love!

Fresh and Upcoming

August 14, 2009 5 comments

Hey folks, i am still getting used to this whole wordpress thing.  Hopefully i can iron out the kinks, or at least enlist other WP users to help me out.

There are quite a few things on the backburner at Casa Diva – reviews that are partially written… giveaways to post, product to review coming my way – and i’m going to share it all with you…  these are the things you won’t want to miss out on, so if you haven’t already added me to your feeds – make sure you do so! 

Love you

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